About us

Emulant was born with the aim of innovating and improving the medical simulation experience. We are supported by our experience in Special Effects in cinema and in Industrial Mechanical Engineering.


He began his career in Hollywood collaborating on the Physical and Mechanical Effects of ‘Terminator 3’ at Stan Winston Studios. Stan Winston are responsible for the creation of the main characters of the 80s and 90s (Terminators, Jurassic Park, Predators, Alien, etc.).

From there he moved to London, where he dedicated himself to designing robots for Digital Special Effects and collaborating with various art projects in the area.

Two years later he moved to Rome to work as an industrial designer, obtaining a world patent for one of his designs.

Since 2006 he lives in Alicante, although always working as an engineer and designer for companies abroad.

In 2011, he was a fundamental part of the team that created the Special Effects for ‘Gravity’, winner of seven Oscars, including that of Special Effects. He was in charge of researching and developing part of the technology that made it possible for us to live the 3D experience of a ship adrift in space without moving from the cinema seat.